My Pick of the Week: April 17-22

My pick this week is The Prince by Niccolo Machiavelli.


This book often gets a bad rap, and some even go as far as to call unscrupulous politicians and businessmen “Machiavellian.” However, I believe most people misjudge Machiavelli and his intentions in writing the book. Machiavelli wrote the book for a young Cosimo de Medici, hoping Cosimo would hire him on as a political consultant. Cosimo didn’t hire him, but he read the book. This book has some invaluable lessons to teach us about the way the world actually works; it is not an ethics book and does not pretend to be one. Keep this in mind, and I think you’ll enjoy reading it.

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Read my article about Machiavelli, The Prince, and virtue

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