My Pick of the Week: May 8-13

My pick this week is The Tempest by William Shakespeare.


Shakespeare’s writing is beautiful and poetic, and I would recommend any of it, but The Tempest has to be one of my favorite Shakespearean comedies. It was the last play he ever wrote, and it contains a deeper storyline than some of his earlier, spoof-type works such as The Comedy of Errors or The Merry Wives of Windsor. This play explores dreams, betrayal, family, and human nature.

The Nerdwriter made a great video awhile back synthesizing The Tempest, Neil Gaiman’s Sandman comics, and how the theme of dreams played out in these works and in Shakespeare’s own life. Check it out here. By the way, if you haven’t heard of the Nerdwriter before, you should really check out his YouTube channel. He makes some of the smartest content I’ve seen, and his videos have helped partially inspire Watchful Dragons.

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